Business things  
My web hotel

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Where you can check every company and person here in Sweden if they have/is a company Bizbook
Maps and directions in the USA Map Quest
Enterprice Car Rental USA Enterprice Car Rental
IP check Schwarzl IP check
Check if your computer sends spam mail. It can be high jacked. Senderbase
My transporter from USA to Sweden Infranordic
Car transports in Sweden and EU Eurotransport
Car transports in Sweden and EU Norléns Transport
Car transports in Sweden and EU Skandia Transport
Car transports in Sweden and EU Motortransport
Send parts within Sweden Bussgods
Send parts world wide UPS
Swedish mail Posten
Rebuild your speedometer or other gauges Instrument JIGE
Insurance for you old car Sweden Bilsport & MC försäkring
Car parts  
Hand made interiors Sweden CH Trim Shop
Cadillac parts in Sweden TA Motor AB
Parts to Cadillac 49-85 1300 cars USA dBaer's Cadillac Ville
Crome and stainless boyz of my choise The Bumper Boyz
Ausley's Chevelle Parts Ausley's Chevelle Parts
Classic Chevy and Chevelle parts DanChuck
Hub Caps Hub Caps
Wheels to your car Racer Wheel
Car parts to most old US cars Kanter Auto Products
High Performance parts Jeg's
High Performance parts Summit Racing
Quality Cadillac parts McVey's
Used Cadillac parts Cadillac King
Cadillac parts Caddy Daddy
Restoration and performance parts Year One
Mustang parts Virginia Classic Mustang
Dashboards, weather stripping and sother small parts. Sweden RD Autoline
Parts in Sweden Hansen Racing
Wheels in Sweden Alvén & Ingvarsson
Retired USA cars  in Sweden Osby skroten
Wheels in Sweden Gummihuset
Original manuals Sweden Hortlund
Speed camera warner AD Teknik AB
Batteries Sweden Svenska Batteripoolen
Camaro parts Sweden Camaroskroten
Persåkers Speed Shop Sweden Persåkers Speed Shop
Tires Coker Tire
Car nut sites  
Car meets in Huskvarna Sweden Huskvarnaparkens Motortraffar
Nice pictures from a Swede in CA Walles Dator
Carlzon's Chevelle Garage Carlzon's Chevelle Garage
Some guys restoring Cadillacs. Fun... Cadillac Varberg
Svennes Cadillac site Svennes Cadillac site
Restoring a Volvo PV 1947 Kajsa Varg
Community for car nuts Sweden Zatzy Racing Community
Community for USA car nuts Sweden Raggarportalen
Caprice 9C1 forum Caprice 9C1 forum
Nuts fixing cars. Crazy Sweden Hej Bilist
Other car sites  
Car museum in Köping Sweden Bil & Teknikhistoriska Samlingarna Köping
Bookshop in sweden MarGie Bookshop
Data about a Special Mustang 1968 California Special
Power Meet Västerås Sweden Bigmeet
Car shop in Västerås Sweden Autotec
Engine rebuilder in Sweden Åhmans motorslip
Car auction in USA Barrett Jackson
Pictures from cruises in the USA Dream Cruise Photos
Gas prices in Sweden Bensinpriser
Rent a car for wedding or another occation. Sweden BFM
Swedish car computer tuner Skriv & skruv
Farm with car and animals Gangvide Farm
Tools for your car shop Swedish Verktygsboden
Push moped parts Sweden Puchverkstan
Cool things and T-shirts Artparts
Crazy vids  
Crazy videos Wacky Vids
Crazy movies and pictures Big Boys
Broadcast yourself You Tube
Car videos Streetfire Video Network
Swedish humor Svensk Humor
Car clubs  
Cadillac Club Sweden where I am a member Cadillac Club Sweden
American Car Club Sweden where I am a member American Car Club Sweden
Cadillac Club USA have a very good forum. I have found and bought parts there. Nice historic departement. Cadillac-LaSalle Club USA
Yankee Car Club Borlänge where I am a member Yankee Car Club Borlänge
Teddy Boys Västerås Car club Teddy Boys Västerås
Big Family Cruisers Umeå Sweden Big Family Cruisers Umeå
Car Club 2000 Kolbäck Sweden Car Club 2000 Kolbäck
Camaro Club Sweden Camaro Club Sweden
Chevrolet Caprice Club Sweden where I am a member Chevrolet Caprice Club Sweden
Club Corvette Sweden Club Corvette Sweden
The Early Ford V8 Club of Sweden Ford V8 Klubb Sverige
Mustang Club Sweden Mustang Club Sweden
Classic Chevy Club of Sweden Classic Chevy Club of Sweden
SHRA Vansbro Sweden SHRA Vansbro
Cadillac Club of Finland Cadillac Club of Finland
Car magazines  
Car Magazine Sweden Classic Motor
Car Magazine Sweden Nostalgia
Car Magazine Sweden Bilsport
Car Magazine Sweden Power
Car Magazine Sweden Wheels
Swedish Genealogical Societies Nättidningen Rötter
Swedish computer program for genealogical Min släkt
The rest  
Internet start of Sweden Internetstart
The ice hockey team in my heart Leksands IF
Dream shop for men Clas Ohlson
Furniture auction in Stockholm sweden Auktionskompaniet
Really nice clothes Rose & Born
Every day clothes Dress Mann
Almost unknowed in Sweden, superstar in USA Alan Jackson
Meat eating flowers Brutala blommor
Moose accident insurance Älgskadefondsföreningen
Weather Underground Weather Underground
Ski downhill in my town Sweden Romme Alpin
Music from the 60:s Vinyl 107
Photographer Peter Vetterskog
Compare prices and products Pricerunner
Lower your phone bill Sweden
Swedish site to ban phone sales to your phone Nix Telefon
Yellow pages Norway Gula sidorna Norge
Inc and tones to your printer Cheap ink
Statistics in Sweden Statistiska Centralbyrån



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