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Here I put all pictures from car shows and other things. Only pictures. They open in a new window. 


Shows 2009
Leksand car show September Nice show, 349 cars and motorbikes, record for a September show.
Stockholm Cruising Great cruise until it all stoped move after 8-9 PM.
Fagersta Cruising One of the better cruises. Not too many and few junk cars...
Leksand car show august Good evening, started to rain after we had left
Falu Cruising Many cars, much people, nice weather, what more can you ask?
Wheels and Wings Varberg

Many cars and rain but with a leather hat and leather jackets with jeans and boots you manage a long time.

An aeroplane starts the engines and tax away here.

Leksand car show juli

New record, 351 cars and motorbikes. Almost too many at this place but it was fun.

A little video.

American Car Show Norrtalje Tire burning heaven. Ploce tried to stop them but had no chans
Power Meet Not that many pictures this time.
Big Lake Run

A big 75 miles car cruise that goes around the big lake Siljan. first time I drove that cruise.

Video from the start, No 1 and No 2

Leksand car show June Another great evening in Leksand.
Raggar Rally Borlange

This year we drowe the car rally. 75 miles during the day. Very nice weather.

Movie 1         Movie 2

Gavle spring cruise Better cruise than last years. A lot of cars.
Leksand car show May Nice little car show in my home town. Know many people and have a great time.
Friday show at Big Bob in Burbank, Los Angeles

Instead of the usually cruise in the small town Sala, 1 hour south of us. We visited Burbank, Los Angeles at the other side of the world and saw some nice cars. First a whole day in the garage with my Swedish friend in North Hollywood.

A short video you see here

Shows 2008
Leksand show June Was up to Leksand for a short visit this time. Soccer on TV, European championship. Some nice new cars this time.
Vanbro cruising Took a whole day in Vansbro with car show and bath in the river. On the afternoon sat at the highway where the cruising was. We had some tailgaiting. The cruise went on the whole evening and night but we went home early when we had small kids with ous. As usualy very nice in Vansbro.
Raggarrally Borlange I was at the start and looked. Perfect weather. Very nice to meet many friends.
Leksand show May Perfect evening and more than 200 veicles. We had some tailgateing.
Gavle spring cruising Nice weather and many cars. Too many normal cars.
Sala spring cruising Good evening. Many cars and nice weather until it started to rain.
Custom and Motor Show Elmia Many nice cars. Very good.
Shows 2007
Johnston Car Show RI, USA We visited a friend in RI and looked at cars. Nice show.
Henderson Car Show NV, USA Me and my girl friend was in USA. Very nice cars. Perfect weather.
Classic Car Week Rattvik Lot of cars. Lot of people. Very nice cruise and show.
Wheels Nationals Barkarby Good show but expensive due to the Swedish rock band The Boppers. Not worth the money. The cruising during the evening was very good as always.
Wheels and Wings Varberg Rain and very wet. Okey with many cars but the weather was bad.
Power Meet Sun and rain but many cars. Cruising with only nice cars for 1 hour was new this year. Me and my girl friend drove in that. Very fun.
Leksand show June Many new cars to look at this time. It rained at the end but it came 260 cars.
Orsa Cruising Went up to Orsa and some drag racing. Very fun cruise after. A lot of tyre burning.
Raggar Rally Borlange Was at the start of the rally. Nice weather. I was in the garage that day so I did not have so much time.
Lindesberg spring show and cruise First time for me at this show. Not too many cars. Some really nice. Rain in the beginning but sunny in the afternoon. Great cruising.
Leksand show May Good start for the year. 150 viecles. Nice but a bit cold.
Gavle spring cruising First time in Gavle for me. Many cars but too many non USA cars. Pretty okey otherwise.
Sala spring cruising After a long winter with a lot of time in the garage is it great to come out and see all cars. A little cold but nice.
Shows 2006
Fridays show at Bobs in Los Angeles A small Friday show in Los Angeles with a lot of cars. A couple of true Hemi cars and Shelbys.
Monster Mopars in St. Louis USA Many nice cars, dragracing and swap meet. 2 days in the sun was not wrong when I know it is raining back home.
Uppsala American Car Show Too small area for all the cars. Many parked outside the show area.
Wheels Nationals Barkarby Very good show but the cruising in the centre of our Captial Stockholm in the evening is the best in Sweden.
Leksand show august Perfect evening in Leksand with a lot of new cars. Many old friends.
National Railway Museum York Last day in England was it raining and we went to a rail way museum. Many trains and wagons in very nice condition.
Imperial War Museum Duxford War museum in Duxford is a great place. I read everything I found about 2nd world war when I was young. Recomended, very big place.
NSRA/Custom Car Hot Rod Super Nationals We was at Old Warden park in Shuttleworth and watched Hot Rods one day. Many nice cars. Nice suroundings. Wanted to be there more.
Mopar Euro Nationals Was in England and looked at the show on Santa Pod dragrace arena. Me and my friends had a good time. Lived in a tent during this weekend. Woke up with V8 engines sounding. Drag racing and burn out competition.
Cruising Sater Very nice cruising. Well organized and nice town. Started to rain at 09.00 PM.
Power Meet Warm and nice days in Vasteras. Late nights. But not that many pictures. You do not have the time because of everything to see. My friend was interviued by Swedish channel 4. My daughter Anna was with us and she want my cars when I die... :-)
Big Lake Run Many cars. I sat on the square in Leksand and took all pictures. Have been there many times looking at this cruise around the lake Siljan.
Borlange cruising Many cars and people. Well organized. Fun to cruise home in Borlange.
Bjursas cruising Small and nice cruising in nice Bjursas.
Leksand show June Nice family show during 2 hours.
Vansbro cruising Perfect weather and very good cruising. Had my kids with me so I was not there too late.
Orsa car show and cruising A small but nice show where my Cadillac 56 got 2nd price in peoples choise, thanks. Very good cruising. Many cars was burning tires. Nice company with a customer.
Falu City Festival cruising Nice weather and a lot of cars. Some new cars that did not belong there.
Pre-summer meet Koping Good cruise with a lot of cars. Rain in the morning but sunny afternoon.
Leksand Show May As usualy very nice show. 200 veichles.
Bollnas Motor Show Nice show with not too many people.
Shows 2005
Hot Wheels Monster Jam Globen Cool show to see but nothing I would like to see every year. Kids like this. The rocket car sounded very high.
Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3 Movie 4 Movie 5 Movie 6 Movie 7
Movie 8 Movie 9 Movie 10 Movie 11 Movie 12 Movie 13 Movie 14
Grand opening of Ejendals Arena in Leksand Together with customers and 7000 other I watched the grand opening of Ejendals Arena in Leksand. Very nice show with Björn Skifs, LaGaylia Frazier, Janette Köhn, Kalle Moreus, Bengan Jansson, Cirkusgruppen Vintertid, Benny & Nisse, fiddlers Charlotte Lövgren and Emma Forsgren.
Movie 1 Movie 2
Leksand car show September Last car show this year. Perfect show during just 2 hours.
Leksand car show August I like the smaller car shows best. I know a lot of people in my home town Leksand. Good mix of cars but I only take pictures of USA cars. Much other cars there.
Classic Car Week Hill Climb Nice but to few V8 cars.
Classic Car Week Motor Cross My first time at a motor cross race. Okey and I got some nice pictures.
Classic Car Week Tractor Pulling Not as warm as last year. Good sound and a lot of smoke.
Classic Car Week Cruising Drove myself this time. Very good if you know the roads.
Sater Cruising Nice and very good cruising.
Car Show in Malung Perfect size for a car show. You have the time to look at all cars and talk to people. 10 SEK for voting on the cars and nice prices. Better than have a fee to look at the cars. Nice cars, many Chryslers.
Wheels and Wings Varberg Was in Varberg with my kids and a friend. Friday was raining but the cruising at the evening was freat. Sturday was good but windy.
Power Meet Vasteras I was contacted by Klas Brink and Autotec to consign cars at their place during the Power Meet Show. Same as last year but now only me. Did not have the time to be that much out on the show. These pictures are from Autotec where I sold cars. Very nice with all visitors and Klas Brinks cars.
Nostalgias show in Ronneby Very nice car show with nice cars and suroundings. The park is perfect.
Heron Hillclimb Ullnabacken Nice hill climb. Good sound in some of the cars.
Leksand car show Juni Almost 200 viechles a nice Thuesday evening. Soon it will be summer.
Prins Bertil Memorial Cloudy with some rain but nice and good arrengments. Cars older than 50 years.
Annaboda Car Show Pored down the whole time.
Falu cruising Rain and cold but nice as always in Falun.
Leksand car show May Nice weather and cars.
Sala spring cruise Rain and charging problem caused that I was not able to take that many pictures..
Bollnas Motor revy A small show with some nice cars but I did not like the trucks. Why trucks at a car show?
Elmia Custom and Car Show Some nice cars but no on #1 condition. I would like to see more cars from the 50ths and 60ths. I also took some pictures at the other part of the show but there was it other things who was interesting...
Shows 2004
Power Winter market Cold outside but warm inside. Many interesting parts.
Stockholm Motor show Not that good. Too dark inside.
Sala spring cruise Very good as usually, nice people.
Elmia Customa and Car Show Much people but little calmer in the old car part.
Aros motor veterans Better then last year but too many Volvo and moped parts. A cool plane landed.
May Cadillac club Sweden Fun to see many Cadillacs after the winter.
Bilsport museet i Karlskrona I was down to Karlskrona on one of my travels arround Sweden. Visited the car magazine Bilsports museum. Fun to see old famous cars from the 80:s.
Annaboda Show Too small area. Had to park on the visitors parking lot. Good otherwise. Big flee market.
Falu city festival and cruising Allways a pleasure to cruise in Falun. Well organized and much people.
Nostalgias show in Ronneby Very nice show. 50% USA cars and 50% Europeen cars. Some rain.
Power Meet The pictures are mostly from the first day, Friday. It rained the other days and I sold some cars. I was not able to take any more pictures.
Wheels & Wings Varberg Very nice weather again, many cars, one of Swedens best shows. I brought a customer car. A Auburn 1936 copy and my Lincoln Conv 1948.
Classic Car Week Hill climb Very nice weather and a nice form of competition where you see the cars in action. We took a ride in a Riva boat.
Classic Car Week Tractor Pulling My sun tan improved. First time for me on a tractor pull event...
Wheels Nationals Barkarby Extreme warm and much cars. Did not have the time to take pictures of all. Many customers to talk to. The best cruising in Sweden in the evening in the middle of Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden.
Uppsala show Nice weather and much people, too small area.
Shows 2003
WACC show Vasteras Show that my club had in the spring.
Wheels & Wings Varberg Big show. Holiday with my kids.
Sala spring cruising Much nice cars.
Sala fall show Nice and small but very good.
Classic Car Week Cruising Bad organisation at the cruising but good otherwise.
Power Meet Biggest and coolest. Too much to look at.
Stockholm Motor show Nice cars, not too big.
Koping spring cruising Many cars. It all want out after the winter.
Ford 100 year Jubileum in Vasteras.
Falu Cruising Allmost home.
Aros Motor veterans Rain and cool.
Vallentuna Motor and Fly Inn  Nice and warm day.
Wheels Nationals Barkarby  Very good cruising in the center of the Capital Stockholm after the car Show.
Akersberga With Cadillac Club Sweden me and my kids went to Akersberga.


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