To make us clear in the quality question and very objective way of looking at cars condition will we try to declare the level Billstrom Trading describe cars from. This is very good to think about reading our descriptions and contacting us regarding the cars we sell on consignment.

Billstrom Trading work a lot with USA and have the same quality level in our descriptions. The level on our descriptions and cars Billstrom Trading have on consignment is very high and we do not deliberately go of the level.

Vehicle condition scale

#1 Excellent (show car)

Restored to current maximum professional standards of quality in every area, or perfect original with components operating and appearing as new. 950 plus point show vehicle on junior or senior shows. Car is not driven. Comments: These cars does barley exists in Sweden. At least for sale. The judges at car shows very often decides who will be #1 due o how the car have been dusted. A car from the assembly line would get 900 points.

#2 Fine (driven show car)

Well-restored, or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original. Also, an extremely well-maintained original showing very minimal wear. Natural no under coating. Comments: Have mostly some of these on consignment.

#3 Very Good (very nice driver)

Completely operable original or "older restoration" showing wear. Also, a good amateur restoration, all presentable and serviceable inside and out. Plus, combinations of well-done restorations and good operable components or a partially restored vehicle with all parts necessary to complete and/or valuable NOS parts. Comments: Here most of our cars on consignment. Pitted chrome inside or outside is banned. May have under coating.

#4 Good (driver)

A driveable vehicle needing no or only minor work to be functional. Also, a deteriorated restoration or a very poor amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be "excellent," but the vehicle is mostly useable "as is". Comments: In Sweden most of the cars are in this category. Rust can be present but not visible from the outside. Paint, chrome and interior can be nice on a few yards distance but may have lack of quality. This is the lowest level we deal with but I avoid them.

#5 Restorable (project car)

Needs complete restoration of body, chassis and interior. May or may not be running, but is not weathered or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts. Rust is present and is visible from the outside. Comments: These cars may pass Swedish car testing after brake work and some rust restoration. Do we need to mention that these cars and lower we do not work with. Do not describe #6 (parts car) when they are totally out of our range.


With above description of Billstrom Trading and our contacts quality demands and view on cars we hope most understand the level on our business. Most sellers says they have a #3 car but is is a #4 but it is a great difference in restoration cost between those cars.

Much for your money

Billstrom Trading customers gets more for their money even if the cars we have on consignment not is cheap. Billstrom Trading looks for nice cars and describe them VERY honest, on the edge to negative description to have happy customers. The things that are good you see on our pictures. Billstrom Trading just describe the bad spots. This is the most important for a buyer when he decide if he will buy or not.


For Billstrom Trading is it very important to show the car with clear and big pictures. Specially the bad spots. The good things you see on our pictures. Not every one of our contacts take pictures like we do and do not have the "eye" for how to take a picture. We have to struggle all the time with this. Billstrom Trading have taken out some contacts because they can not take good pictures.

Those cars we have on consignment in the Nordic countries we have taken the pictures our selfs. If not we write that. The cars appears not that good due to very close pictures but try to take the same kind of pictures of your own car and you see the difference. Black interiors are the badest...

High demands on contacts

Billstrom Tradings contacts in USA are mostly private persons but some companies even if they are a bit more expensive. They are as interested as us to keep their good reputation. Today we only ad contacts that can show that they are as quality oriented as Billstrom Trading. We visit them personally or some of our old contacts visit them before we start to work with them. Billstrom Trading try visit our contacts every year. If the co-operation not have been going good we may take them out as a contact. That have happen.

Quality, not quantity is our philosophy.



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