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My business

  • Finding and selling cars on consignment from Sweden and USA (free of charge until a deal go through, % of the sale) Billström Trading only look for nice cars. $25.000/20.000€ and up. No project cars. No dreamcars for pocket money.
  • Help to import/export cars and boats, USA/Canada/Europe that you have found yourself. (contact me for more info.) All prices.
  • Inspection of cars in USA/Canada/Europe Billström Trading work together with people all over the US/Canada. Some private persons and some companies. We can help you. (contact us for more info.)


Kronor vs. $ and €

Use this link to CNN Money for calculation. CNN Money


Living in Europe?

Cars from USA/Canada

Billström Trading calculate the price on car price in the US, transport to harbor, packing in a container for quality and boat transport to Gothenburg. Of course insurance is always included. If you want the car to another harbor, Please contact us. Normal it is the same price within Europe. Local taxes and fees in your country are not included.

Cars from Sweden

This is the prices that the cars are sold for. We can help you with transports all over Europe. Transport not included. Local taxes and fees in your country are not included. Contact us for more info.


Living in USA/Canada?

Cars from USA/Canada

The prices can be reduced with app. $2000 (transport cost to Europe) depending on where the car is. All prices in Swedish "kronor".

Cars from Sweden

The prices are firm and it cost $3000 to the east coast and $3500 to the west coast of USA/Canada. Transport to harbour not included. All prices in Swedish "kronor". Local taxes and fees in your country are not included.

Send Billström Trading a mail or call us about the cars or the site. Like to have feed back about this English version to get it better.



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