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Have for several years worked together with companies and private sellers in USA. Some of them are Senior Judges in National Car Clubs and some have big car collections. We have seen many #1 cars VERY close. Billstrom Trading know the difference between #1 and #2 cars. Most of Billstrom Tradings contacts in the USA are 65-75 years old. A few are younger. We like quality and honesty and that you get from the seniors...

Billstrom Trading have sold cars to America and also to Europe. We know how to ship cars overseas and the paper work needed. We import 75-100 cars each year from USA to Europe.

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New visitors we strongly advise to read our Service/FAQ link at the high left before looking at the cars.

Billstrom Trading sell cars on consignment. We specialize in quality cars (#1-3) and describe the cars very critical and detailed. That gives the buyer more information about the car compared with most other dealers.

We inspect cars in Sweden and Europe. Detailed protocol and many pictures.

Billstrom Trading have been in business more than 6 years and have a very good reputation in Sweden. After buying 75-100 cars each year in USA and exporting to the Nordic countries in Europe Billstrom Trading are well knowed in some areas and at some companies. Buyers in Sweden often give VERY good feedback. The cars are better than described.

We normally get emails and phone calls when advertising our consignment cars in USA. They call about selling their cars in Sweden. Consign cars from USA is something we only do with companies or private persons that Billstrom Trading have long time business relations with. Our reputation is #1 for us and we NEED to trust my contacts in USA for 100%. Billstrom Trading visits our contacts every or every second year to maintain a good personal contact. We normally visit a new contact before including them in our consign list. Billstrom Trading have excluded some companies that not worked with us when the car they sold through Billstrom Trading had a problem and they did NOT help the buyer out.

Cars for sale in Sweden and the USA.

Service and FAQ:s

Billström Trading goal is to find really nice old cars for you. Billstrom Trading has since we started this business tried to find "dream cars" because buying a old car is a dream coming thru, not simply buying a car. We will never talk you into a car. Billstrom Trading present the hard facts, then it is up to you to decide. 

Cadillac Dreamer

This is the original part of our site. Everything started with this. Our car interest and how we imported our first car from USA to Sweden. Here we write about our projects, experiences, travels and dreams, this is the foundation of this web site. I am livning my dream. 

Welcome to surf my site.

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