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CAR MODEL Corvette 454 manual Coupe Extreme Restoration
YEAR 1970
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See the swedish exclusive car magazine SPORTBILEN #2/10 (SPORTSCAR). Read the magazine and see the pictures, click the link above to the pictures. They are last, pic# 137-160.

This is not the best Corvette in America or Europe; this is the BEST IN THE WORLD. You have a UNIQUE opportunity to buy this EXTREME Corvette to your collection.

Barrett Jackson, Bloomington Gold Corvette Auction, RM Auctions, Mecum and every other auction in the WORLD would like to have THIS Corvette listed. The quality of this Corvette is better than you will EVER find anywhere in the WORLD.

Extreme Restoration is an absolute understatement, this Corvette have been restored to a level that is insane. We do not find words enough to describe this Cullinan diamond of River quality among other diamonds.

The paint is so deep and like a mirror, not even a little trace of any weakness, not in corners, not in body attachments, nowhere. The chrome is better than best, interior is as new, the engine and drive train is marvelous, set yourself in the driver seat and turn the key and let the power of the engine press you against the seat, the engine sound will sing to you as the Sirens sang to Odysseus and it will get you stuck.

Billstrom Trading normally do not write up a car like this but this Corvette is so nice and you do not believe it even if you are standing looking at the car after a test drive with the owner. It is a true dream car. Billstrom Trading knows some of the senior judges in VCCA very well and have seen some of the Platinum cars they have or had. We saw and photographed one of those, a 995 point car, the Worlds nicest Original Chevrolet from the 50ths EVER. Sold in the USA a year after. We know these HIGH quality cars and this Corvette is nicer than the 995 point car.

The owner has the Corvette on an aluminum ramp in his garage where he dusts the undercarriage. He only drives in VERY nice weather conditions, no pollen from trees are aloud. He never touch the car with his bare hand, he uses fabric between to avoid hand marks.

At the meeting where we took these pictures the owner offered a test drive but we declined. Only the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, have driven the car except for the owner since completed restoration.

Corvette 1970 BIG block, End of an era, Performance peaked 1970 says it all about this year’s Corvette.

Here is the sellers words about the car.

Summary of vehicle for sale

This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the most attractive and collectable Corvettes ever, a 1970 Coupe model with a very unusual and sought-after specification: High-compression 454 engine and manual transmission. This engine probably represents the peak in real (not claimed) motor power before unleaded fuel and gasoline prices forced engine power outputs down in the 1970:s. In any way, the torque of the 454 high-compression engine is the highest of any stock-Corvette ever.

This particular car has been professionally restored to an extreme and above new condition by one of the most well-renowned Corvette restorers in Europe. The restoration project has lasted in excess of 1,600 man-hours. The car has only covered 1,285 km (800 miles) after the end of the restoration in 1997.

Our assessment is that it will be very difficult to find a Corvette combining this collectable specification and such an extraordinary condition anywhere in the world.


Model and options

Model : "RPO" 19437 Corvette Sport Coupé

Model year: 1970

Mileage: 1.285 kilometers (800 miles) after complete restoration. At the time of restoration the car had run close to 70,000 kilometers or 47,000 miles. However, mileage before restoration is of less interest since the entire car including all mechanical components (engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension, etc), exterior and interior has been completely restored/rebuilt to better-than-new condition.

VIN: 194370S413300

Engine: Matching numbers CZL HD/Transistor Ignition 454 (LS5). Power rated at 390 hp at 4,800 rpm. The official power rating was deliberately kept down due to insurance considerations and road safety debate. Real power close to 500 hp at 5,000+ rpm. In addition, this engine type produces the highest torque of all Corvettes of all times, 720 Nm/500 lb-ft at 3.400 rpm. Matching numbers. Modifications from original: Full blueprinting of all engine internals and a free-flow stainless steel exhaust system (new original system also included in sale) Probable power output in this car: In excess of 500 hp

Gearbox: Two gearboxes included in sale: Original, fully restored 4-speed manual M21 gearbox as well as a new 5-speed Doug Nash manual (currently mounted in the car).

Rear axle: Original, optional 3,70:1 rear axle ratio as well as 2,73:1 (lowest possible) rear axle (currently mounted in car). The combination of the Doug Nash 5-speed gearbox and low rear axle ratio provides both better acceleration and higher top speed than original.

Color exterior: Code 56 (bright yellow)

Color interior: Blk (black)

Option codes:

--- Custom interior Trim (leather interior)

C50 Rear Window Defroster

G81 Positraction Axle, Optional Ratio (3,70:1)

M21 4-speed Close Ratio Transmission

N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column

N40 Power Steering

P02 Custom Wheel Covers

PU9 White Letter Tires. Presently, BF Goodrich nylon-radial tires 255/60-15 rear, 235/60-15 front, are mounted. These tires became standard from 1978 and are slightly wider than the original diagonals from 1970.

T60 Heavy Duty Battery

UA6 Alarm System (Was quoted as an option but was in fact standard equipment on the 1970 cars.)

U79 AM-FM Stereo Radio (with tape-recorder)

Since this car was specified by its first owner with performance as the first priority, it does not have any equipment that adds unnecessary weight or reduces engine power – hence no air condition, electronic power windows or servo-assisted brakes.

Vehicle location: Stockholm, Sweden.

Vehicle history

1970 The car is delivered to its first owner in New York, USA. (Testimony from previous owner - no proof available).

1975 Bought by Swedish Corvette importer who saw the car on the street in New York City and asked the driver/owner if it was for sale.

A deal was agreed and the car was exported to Sweden.

1975 Once imported, the car’s first permanent Swedish owner was Richard Wells, brother of pianist/artist Robert Wells.

1978 Car sold to Göran Öhlund, well known for participation in Scandinavian offshore boat racing.

1979 Car sold to Håkan Johansson in Stockholm.

1980-1981 The present owner, sees the car on the street in Stockholm and contacts the owner to inquire whether he is interested in selling.

Owner refuses, but todays owner persists and finally manages to persuade the owner to sell in August 1981.

1981-1986 Todays uses the car sparsely. He covers a total of 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) during these six years.

1986-1997 Complete, no-compromise restoration performed by JH Teknik, specializing in restoration of vintage Corvettes and historical racing cars (see company description below).

1997-2010 The car covers a total of 1,285 km (800 miles) during these years, mainly for final adjustments and tuning. The car has only been driven during absolutely perfect weather conditions.


Car is driven on an airfield close to Stockholm by His Majesty the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf, during a sports car event arranged for an exclusive group of the King’s friends. The King, himself a sports car enthusiast, was impressed by the massive torque and, of course, by the unique condition of the vehicle. The King is the only person who has driven the car after the restoration except for the owner.

Todays owner decides to investigate whether it is possible to divest the car, preferably to another collector, after owning it since 1981.

General The car has never been involved in any accidents and has never experienced any severe mechanical failure ever.

Restoration project

The restoration project took more than a decade to complete. The long time period required is explained by the extreme number of man-hours spent on the car, time allowed for drying and settling to achieve an absolutely perfect body finish, as well as very long lead times from some of the sub-suppliers. Effective time worked on the car is in excess of 1,600 man-hours. The entire restoration project is well documented with pictures, films and receipts. The main focus of the project was to restore the car to its original condition. Three exceptions from this focus have been made, of which points 2 and 3 can easily be "deteriorated" back to original:

1. Finish and tolerances. Better than original in terms of surface treatment, fit and finish (e.g. panel gaps and technical tolerances in the engine).

2. Gearbox/rear axle. Original gearbox and complete rear-axle have been replaced with a 5 speed gear box and a rear-axle with lowest available rear-axle ratio. The result is lower cruising rpm (1,900 rpm at 100 km/h), better acceleration and higher top speed. Original M 21 4 speed gearbox and 3:70 rear-axle have been restored and are included in the sale.

3. Exhaust system. The original exhaust system has been replaced with a stainless steel freeflowing aftermarket system, which improves both performance and exhaust note. A new original system is stored next to the car.

About the restoration company JH Teknik

JH Teknik is owned and managed by Henry Andersson and specializes in complete, no-compromise restorations of vintage sports cars. Henry has worked on a wide variety of exclusive makes, ranging from Ferraris, Lamborghinis to historic racers like Chevrons, Lolas, etc. However, historic Corvettes remain the primary focus for Henry and his company. The firm has a spirit of almost exaggerated perfectionalism, and aims its services strictly towards affluent clients who are ready to pay for perfection. This is confirmed by the fact that Henry and his single employee, both working full time, managed to deliver only 20 cars during the first 25 years of operation! JH Teknik has never produced any type of marketing and does not even have a web site. The problem for Henry is more a question of how to arrange the waiting list, which is often several years long.


Corvette experts having examined the car were all thrilled by the specification as well as the extreme condition. One well-known Corvette aficionado, Robert Aftén, who has been emotionally and commercially engaged in Corvettes for more than 30 years, commented:

"This Corvette is unique. It will probably be very difficult to find another object in such a perfect condition anywhere in theworld!. In addition, it is equipped with the most powerful 454 ever – a true collectors item.

Other sports car enthusiasts have concluded:

"The finish of this Corvette feels as if it had been manufactured by Mercedes rather than GM"

Some quotes from literature and what car magazines wrote about the 1970 454 when it was launched:

"Engine performance peaked in 1970."

"Obvious collector material from day one."

"Everything has been sacrificed to one cause – blinding acceleration. If that’s all you need, buy one. If you intend to use your Corvette as transportation, try another combination."

"As the performance figures show, there is simply no production car available today that can top its acceleration."


Main investment considerations

Represents peak of torque and real motor power. The Corvette 454 big-block engine with high compression ratio from 1970 displays the highest torque of all naturally-aspirated production cars ever: 720 Nm/500 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm. Official power ratings were lower than previous models, deliberately kept down because of an ongoing road safety debate as well as insurance considerations. However, real power probably reached its peak in 1970 - close to 500 hp. From 1971, compression ratios and hence performance levels had to be lowered to permit use of lower-octane unleaded fuels.

Most powerful engine and manual gearbox combination. Very few Corvettes were built with a combination of the most powerful engine and manual gearbox.

Better-than-new condition. This vehicle has been restored by professional Corvette restorers to far above new condition.

1970 was a low-production year. Production of the 1970 model year cars was the lowest since 1962. This was caused by a strike and GM:s uncertainty regarding future government requirements for unleaded fuel.

Reversible improvements over stock. The installed 5-speed gearbox and low rear axle ratio provides better than original performance and drivability. Should a future owner prefer the original setup, all original parts have been restored and are included in the sale.


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